About Us

Well... me!


Mollshandmade began in June 2020, one of the early lockdowns. It initially began on Depop as a small hobby to get a bit of extra money and has only gone from sttrength tp strength. Over 2000 sale were made in around a year and a half on Depop, before making the decision to open the website. 

The website was opened in January 2022 and, since then, there have been over 3500 orders placed by the most amazing customers. The aim of the business has been, and will always be, affordability. The cost of living is so unfairly affecting people right now and this is stopping people from being able to buy nice things to express themselves. Of course, not everyone will have the luxury of being able to buy from Mollshandmade, but that's okay! It will be around for a long time yet...