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Mystery Boxes Necklaces

Mystery Boxes Necklaces

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All silver necklaces are stainless steel and are a 20” chain.

All gold necklaces are gold plated and are 18”.

All necklaces can be worn in water, although I would recommend not wearing them for prolonged periods to preserve quality. Gold chains should not be displayed in direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love everything that I’ve received and have already picked 2 favourites. 😊🍓

Honest review

I bought the large mystery box and it was okay. Received 15 necklaces however one broke almost straight away. There were maybe 5 in the box that I liked. Maybe worth £20, but not £30 in my opinion. I would recommend picking specific items rather than this mystery box as it seemed to be mostly full of the cheapest unwanted items.

Hi Mary! If one of your necklaces has broken, please send me an email with an image of this and i can have it replaced. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your mystery box, but I did try to go off your order notes of 'dinosaur' and 'fun' jewellery. I can assure you it isn't the cheap or unwanted stock and I try to include a mixture of styles and my most liekd products too. I'll send you an email later this week about the broken necklace if i don't hear back from you!

Sarah Johnson

Wow oh wow I got my mystery box and it’s so amazing! Such good quality pieces and I love all five! Highly highly recommend!

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